Sewing Equipment Models From Elna

Elna introduced many models within sewing machines. Each design was unique with specific feature of its own. I would really prefer to share my knowledge over a few of these models via Elna sewing machines. Elna sewing machines vary from technical type of machines to electronic digital type of machines and to really highly computerized models.

The initial introduced portable model has been Elna 1, in the year 1940’s. This model was an electric one and the cover could possibly be turned into a table to the sewing machine. This type created a revolution in the way regular sewing machines were designed. A new model called Supermatic ended up being introduced in the 1950’s that had the feature regarding completely automatic stitching feasible by the machine. The next well-known model was called while Lotus which was introduced inside the 1960’s. Lotus had the style with reduced weight also it was easy to handle. The stitching machine accessories box seemed to be provisioned over the top of the bathing room machine in the model Nélombo.

In the year 1970’s Elna Stella was introduced. This unit had all the preferred attributes from the previous models and also electronic way of sewing had been introduced in Elna Stella. In the year of 1980’s, Carina another new model has been introduced by Elna stitching machines. This model created over lock stitches achievable on all kind of material for sewing. In the very same decade, Elna 5000 some sort of computerized way of sewing ended up being introduced. This model got computer memory for stitches. In the following years, ElnaLock a model with convenient thread system was launched with dual needle capacity in the machine. In the year involving 1990’s, Elna Diva seemed to be introduced. This model is able to do more embroideries and alphabets in the fabrics. In the year connected with 2000’s, Elna Xquisit had been introduced which was a fully automatic computerized sewing machine. This particular model could do adornments and automatic spooling on the needle in the machine.

Elna sewing machines adapted constant improvement in the process of regular sewing machine design. The types they introduced are all together with new and unique functions with modern technologies integrated.

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