A Review of Bernina 1130, a Powerful Sewing Device

Bernina is a large company of sewing machines. It is often producing them for a long time, over a hundred years. Some a few months ago they put Bernina 1130 for sale, which is a wonderful stitches machine that has it all. It truly is computerized, in fact it is one of the first regular sewing machines to be computerized. Consequently, it is very suitable for people who are buying their first sewing unit because it has basic easy to use functions.

It features a key hole which is one stage, which is capable of holding a number of patterns. If you didn’t fully grasp this, it means that to create gaps on the fabric you are about to utilize, you just have to press one press button. Since it is computerized, in addition, it has a built in memory that will remember your favorite settings. Even though it was presented a little while in the past, Bernina 1130 is better than numerous newly presented models of bathing room machines because of its simplicity in addition to reliability. This model provides extensive of advantages. First of all, it lets you sew garments, to duvet or to perform other stitching related tasks. Since it noesn’t need a lot of controls in it, it truly is pretty easy to use and you will take it for granted within a few hours of utilizing it. Another great advantage is that it posseses an extension table, for the occasions you need extra space for you to sew your fabrics. As well as last but not least, if you have any problem when using this model, you have a good included manual that will direct you right through it.

To sum up, this particular model offers its users convenience as it has a small number of keys and controls, but yet is usually has a lot of functions which can be easily manipulated. When obtained on most of the stores, it provides additional accessories, such as action table which you can definitely make use of. It has a cheap price and it is strongly suggested for beginner users. Consider my word for the functionality of this model, because I understand it will give you massive satisfaction!

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  1. I have a machine gifted to me last week. Last patent date shows USA and starts with a date of 1900 and goes to date of june 14, 1910. Very pretty. Says premier. Has a pull down (stitch regulator?) On right that says back tack. I need a manual and possible oiling. Can you help. Dont know how to send a pic on here. Thanks. We live in crescent city, ca.


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